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The Collection currently includes more than 750 paintings, drawings, graphics and sculptures by some 140 artists, over 340 are on the page. Many of them are represented by several artworks. The vaste majority oh the exhibits are works on paper.
In the Collection are works by important contemporary artists of european origin as Benjamin Bonjour, Johannes Garber,Jaber, Michel Nedjar, Alain Pauzié, Andrè Robillard, Ody Saban, Jean Joseph Sanfourche, Gèrard Sendrey, Pierre Silvin, Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern, Robert Tatin, Pèpè Vignes and August Walla well as works by Outsiders from abroad, among others Ted Gordon, Rosemary Koczy, R.A. Miller, Louis Monza, Royal (Prophet) Robertson and Purvis Young. In addition, the collection contains a large number of impressive drawings by artists such as Martha Grunenwaldt, Paula Pipa, Gerard Sendrey, John Henry Toney, Irene Weismantel and Carter Lee Wellborn.

The main part of the collection, however, are the artworks by lesser known, unknown and newly discovered but not less fascinating artists, which are represented in relatively large number side by side, equally with those of prominent contemporary protagonists. These works are shaping the nature of the collection.

The construction of the collection does not follow strictly respected principles, but personal preferences of the collector. Neither the formation of a focal point nor the emphasis of a particular thematic aspect is at the forefront, but rather the desire to the diversity of artistic forms of expression and to collect artists of various kinds as possible. Therefore, it is not expected a collection of homogenous profile as a coherent whole. Moreover, the outsider art by its very nature is not an art style, school or movement with its own characteristics.

Through acquisitions, which added continually, the collection is growing constantly. Nevertheless, it is not designed to be comprehensive and does not claim to be a broad, representative overview of the art of the outsiders. It remains fragmentary, incomplete and determinated by the own personal taste, preferences, coincidence and not least of limited financial resources.

On this website a selection of 280 artworks is presented for a broad public. It is to be hoped that the view into the art worlds of outsiders open new aspects, relatives the prejudices and contributes to an impartial, differentiated handling with this art.